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The Importance of Screening for ACEs by Pediatricians

Improving the Well-Being of At-Risk Children

Overcoming a Lifetime of Trauma, Then Facing a New One: Wildfire

You Tube

Dr. Kristin Neff – The Power of Self-Compassion

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Choosing to See the Invisible | Doniece Sandoval | TEDxBerkeley

Bessel van der Kolk - how to detoxify the body from trauma

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris

Two Simple Techniques That Can Help Trauma Patients Feel Safe with Peter Levine

Healing Trauma and Spiritual Growth: Peter Levine & Thomas Huebl

On Being:

Rachel Naomi Remen in conversation with Krista Tippet – The Difference Between Fixing and Healing

Sylvia Boorstein - What We Nurture

The Commonwealth Club:


A Global Perspective On Healing After Trauma: Where Health and Human Rights Meet

One Paycheck Away: Addressing Homelessness in the Bay Area

Rethinking Crime and Punishment in the United States

Heart of the Matter: What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully

The Rev. Jesse Jackson: A Conversation About the Promise of America

Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani

Increasing Housing Options for People in the Middle

Helping Refugees, Welcoming the Stranger

The Exit Interview Jane Kim on the Michelle Meow Show

Gopi Kallayil: The Happy Human

Douglas Rushkoff: Team Human

Empathy Rising

For the Bay’s Future: New Solutions to the Housing Crisis

The Rise of STDs In San Francisco and the LGBTQ Youth Community

Adam Hochschild’s Lessons from a dark time

Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World: Four Keys to Fulfillment and Balance

Dan Diaz and Brittany Maynard: The-End-of-Life-Conversation

Beyond Defensiveness: Having Difficult Conversations without Getting Triggered

Transgender Health - Mental Health in the Age of Trump: On the Front Lines at a Local Community Clinic

Medication Assisted Therapy: A Local Community Clinic Response to the Opioid Epidemic

CIIS: Public Programs

Lynne Twist: On The Soul of Money

Krista Tippett: On Being Wise

Oren Jay Sofer: Nonviolent Communication

Steven Johnson: The Science of Making Decisions 

Elizabeth Gilbert: Magic, Creativity, and Fear

Deepak Chopra: Towards a Higher Health 

Dan Siegel: A Journey into the Heart of Being Human

Alzak Amlani: Hearing the Soul

Eduardo Duran: Healing the Soul Wound

Roshi Joan Halifax: Being with Dying

Kristin Neff: The Power of Self Compassion

Adyashanti: Transpersonal Enlightenment

Jessica Zitter: A Better Path to the End of Life

Harriet Lerner: On Apologies

Gabor Maté: Mind Body Health

Christine Brooks: The Science of Friendship

Jorge Ferrer and Matthew Segall: Participatory Spirituality

Sasha Abramsky: Fear In American Life

Matthew Walker: Why We Sleep

Joy DeGruy: Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Minal Hajratwala: Where Are You From?

Ijeoma Oluo: So You Want To Talk About Race

Deepak Chopra: The Healing Self

Stephen Murphy-Shigemastu: Transforming Self And Society

Sara Acevedo: Living Disability

Alan Lightman: Searching for Stars

Angela Davis: A Life of Activism

J. Stuart Ablon: The Science Behind Changing Minds

JM Holmes: How Are You Going To Save Yourself

John Kaag: Hiking With Nietzsche

Marlee Grace: Creativity and Radical Self Care

Jabari Asim: We Can't Breathe

TED Talks

TED Talk: The way we think about charity is dead wrong - Dan Pallotta

Beyond the Cliff - Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

In the opioid crisis, here’s what it takes to save a life – Jan Rader

How isolation fuels opioid addiction – Rachel Wurzman

A new way to fund health care for the most vulnerable – Andrew Bastawrous

The Year I Was Homeless

Richard j berry a practical way to help the homeless find work and safety

The Housing First Approach To Homelessness

Who Belongs In A City

A Glimps of Life on the Road

The Agony of Opioid Withdrawl And What Doctors Should Tell Patients About It

The Critical Role Librarians Play in the Opioid Crisis

How to motivate people to do good for others – Erez Yoeli

Nadine Burke Harris: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across A Lifetime

Joelle Rabow Maletis: The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder

Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion: Kristin Neff 

Letting go of expectations: Heather Marshall 

Hidden Brain

Alan Alda Wants Us To Have Better Conversations

 The Weight of Our Words

 Be the Change

 The Edge of Gender

The Science of Compassion

Life, Death And The Lazarus Drug: Confronting America's Opioid Crisis

Our Better Nature: How The Great Outdoors Can Improve Your Life

You 2.0: Rebel With A Cause

Creating God

The Edge Effect

Radio Replay: The Mind of the Village

Radio Replay: Prisons of Our Own Making

Regrets, I Have A Few...

You 2.0: Getting Unstuck

You 2.0: Embrace the Chaos

Episode 62: On The Knife's Edge

Encore of Episode 15: Loss and Renewal

Episode 18: The Paradox of Forgiveness

Encore of Episode 3: Stereotype Threat



Rick Hanson: Awestruck Gratitude, Wherever You Go

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana: Healing from the Core

Kristin Neff on the Power of Self-Compassion

Byron Katie on Living Without Suffering

Sam Berne on Vision Therapy and Integrative Health

Patrice Hamilton: Immersive Experience - Body Centered Awareness

Ann Bradney on Radical Aliveness

Susan Collin Marks on Peacemaking and the Power of Presence

Aaron Pereira on How to Engage in Social Change Sanely

Rick Hanson on Hardwiring Happiness

Ear Hustle

P.S. Asking and Giving



Who Do You Let In?


Modern Love

Learning Humanity From Dogs – With Ethan Hawke

Finding My Own Rescuer – With Mandy Moore

 The Language of Love – With Saoirse Ronan

I Will Be Your Mother Figure | Encore 

G.P.S. for My Lost Identity | With Diane Guerrero

A Hiker's Guide to Healing | With Cameron Esposito

A Dose Of Empathy | Modern Love 99

When Your Greatest Romance Is A Friendship | Modern Love 83

Death, Sex, and Money

I Can’t Fix It: A First Responder and Heroin

 How Nikki Giovanni Finally Learned To Cry

I Felt Like The Story Had To Change: Life After Heroin

Ellen Burstyn's Lessons on Survival

When Grief Looks Like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Katie Couric on Death and Dishonesty

A Son and His Mom Laugh Through Darkness

What Money Can't Solve

I Was More Angry At God

Falling in Love... With Heroin

Stop Calling Me 'The Homeless Valedictorian'

A Funeral Director's Life After Burnout

Brooklyn Left Me Broke, But I Came Back

How to Be a Man With Bill Withers


Tara Brach - The Sacred Art of Listening


Terrible Thanks for Asking

Don’t Should Yourself 

Forever35 – Just Say No with Nora McInerny

Reply All — An Ad for the Worst Day of Your Life

The Gold And The Broken Bits



The Broken Places

Kaiser Podcast

Nora Samaran

Books And Papers

Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others

Frank Ostaseski, cofounder of the Zen Hospice Project and author of The Five Invitations

Gail Straub, author of The Rythm of Compassion Caring for Self Connecting with Society

Craig Rennebohm, author of Souls in the Hands of a Tender God Stories of the Search for Home and Healing on the Streets

Cynthia Trenshaw, Trained at the Care Through Touch Institute and author of Meeting in the Margins: An Invitation to Encounter Society’s Invisible People

Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., author of The Body Keeps the Score

Nadine Burke Harris author of The Deepest Well

Kristin Neff, Ph.D., author of Self-Compassion

Brené Brown, Ph.D., author of The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, and The Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong

Gloria Steinem, feminist organizer and author of Revolution from Within, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Moving Beyond Words

Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

Christopher K. Germer, Ph.D., author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D., author of Curious?Designing Positive Psychology, and The Upside of Your Downside

Gabor Mate, Ph.D., author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts and When the Body Say’s No

Michael Pollan, author of How to Change your Mind


The Economist - Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from opioid overdoses

SFIST - San Francisco Homeless Census Finds Over 8,000 On Streets, Majority From SF

Los Angeles Times - Op-Ed: Building more permanent housing alone won’t solve homelessness in California

SF Chronicle - SF homeless population swells by 17% in latest tally

The New York Times - The Moral Peril of Meritocracy

PTSD and Emotional Trauma Affects Partners of Veterans, Too

The Atlantic - Can We Touch

Self-Care: Your Massage Therapy Career is in Your Hands

The New York Times - Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good

The Guardian - San Franciscans raise $46,000 to stop homeless shelter in wealthy area

AMTA - Research Roundup: Massage Therapy Can Reduce the Cost of the National Opioid Crisis

SF Chronicle - Aging onto the street

SF Chronicle - Homeless after 50

KQED - How Trauma, Abuse and Neglect in Childhood Connect to Serious Diseases in Adults

KQED - Childhood Trauma And Its Lifelong Health Effects More Prevalent Among Minorities

Arturo Brito; Dr. Nadine Burke Harris; James Burke

KQED - Improving the Well-Being of At-Risk Children

Have other books, talks, papers, etc that are relevant to the work we do? Please send to and I can add them to our reference list. Thanks so much and enjoy exploring and learning!